Upcoming Events and Shows

Be sure to RSVP to our events on Facebook for updates and more details.

Notable venues played include Alberta Street Pub, The White Eagle, Kelly's Olympian, Laurelthirst Public House, Hawthorne Theater, Stage 112, Chico Hotsprings

We've had the privilege of sharing the stage with a bunch of great bands and musicians including The Show Ponies, Pretty Gritty, The Desert Kind, Steven Roth, Three for Silver, Xenia Dunford, Jami Lynn, 22 Kings, The All-Togethers, Firewater Mt Band, and Nature Thief. 

Playing live is the heart and soul of Wooden Sleepers and we welcome all opportunities to share in a good evening of music. Backyard jams, block parties, weddings, large events, living room shows, opening for touring bands; anything really! Give us a shout on our contact page.